About my business :

Enhancing overall health, performance and recovery is what my business is all about. I have an insatiable passion for helping people embrace their inner glow and bring forth a high performance approach to feeling their absolute best regardless of age or circumstances.

🍃 Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a gentle yet incredibly efficient hands-on therapy that can positively stimulate the body to heal very quickly by resetting its autonomic nervous system. While supporting the body as a whole it addresses the underlying physical, chemical, emotional and mental causes of chronic and acute conditions resulting from physical and emotional stressors. It is simple, relaxing, gentle, and effective.

The Bowen technique can help :

Balance and stimulate your energy
Improve muscle & joint flexibility, enhancing performance and reducing recovery times
Increase circulation and lymphatic flow
Enhance the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins
Calm and regulate your nervous system, reducing stress
Interrupt pain spasm cycles

🍃 Skincare

My skin health services are focused on the healing side of skincare; it is a multidimensional approach supporting the wholeness of beauty; fuelled by time honoured relaxation. A solution-centered program allows you to deeply examine your experiences, habits and root cause that have shaped your skin story. I provide medical grade facial treatments and holistic skincare options with exceptionally clean regulated non-toxic products.

Bowen therapy

Skincare services


401 Bruce Lynn ( although I have a different mailing address )

I currently work out of The Haven, in a private studio, or in peoples homes on the island.