Humanity has always respected, honoured, and valued the preciousness of crystals & gems.  Their beauty and presence instills us with wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for nature. Many people who are energetically sensitive also experience a subtle effect on consciousness. Simply put, crystals vibrate at different frequencies (as do all objects/beings). They were geometrically formed by the Earth following universal laws, sometimes MILLIONS of years ago. Remember that they have “witnessed” life on our planet since then. What might they “know” that their pure essence can share with us? Keep them in your environment or on your body, where they can influence your energetic being and be appreciated for their beauty and presence.

Sah’Rah – Blue Apples


Crystals have the unique ability to receive, store and transmit information. Have you ever given any thought as to why clear quartz crystals are in every computer?

Due to this ability they are used as healing tools. They are able to add, remove and balance energy in our bodies. Here are some of the practical things they can do.

Crystals laid on and/or around the body to effect certain outcomes
~ Balances & boosts your energy after illness or anytime your energy is low
~ Moves stuck energy
~ Helps when feeling disconnected & separation anxiety
~ Helps with lack of physical co-ordination.
~ Teaches personal energy manipulation: enabling you to not take on others  emotions and reduce connection to others energy fields, or alternately to have greater impact and connection with others
~ Crystals can be used to integrate when there has been a shock, trauma, illness or a peak experience.

Michele Fire-River Heart – HEALING through CEREMONY