The Pilates Method

Pilates is an exercise method, developed by Joseph Pilates, that encourages moving in a fluid yet precise manner.  It uses breath for support and centering through the abdominals and as the initiator and stabilizer of movement.  Pilates creates long lean toned muscles by increasing flexibility, range of motion and strength.  Deep abdominal work, free joint movement and spinal articulation are basic elements of the method, and pilates, gabriola healing arts particular attention is paid to proper alignment and muscular balance.

Using practical anatomy and basic principles of movement the student is educated about his or her body and how it moves, expanding movement choices to relinquish ineffectual movement patterns and regain the natural ease, flexibility and power that is inherent.  Learning to use Pilates as a tool to free and strengthen one’s body is especially useful for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Sinclair Mat

 Sinclair mat is an approach to Pilates that makes it accessible to anyone.  It develops the groundwork for Classical Pilates Mat.

It was developed by Susan Sinclair from her experience teaching Pilates since 1989.  Liz uses this work in her approach to Pilates.

Small precise movements in Sinclair mat teach the student body awareness and how to approach neutral spine.  It allows the student to learn to release tension that he or she may not have been aware of so that the student can develop new skills without old holding patterns.

Skills necessary to successfully achieve Pilates classical exercises are taught individually.  When these are mastered the student can achieve the Classical Pilates exercises without strain.