Michele Fire-River Heart©Shamanism takes many forms in many traditions. The common thread is using ceremony and ancient techniques in concert with the natural world to bring us back into balance, mind, body and soul. When we pay attention to the natural world and learn from it’s rhythms, patterns, cycles, we see what is pertinent for our lives. When we start to practice bringing these in, we live more often in the state of being who we really are.

Healing, dropping our masks that no longer serve us, and stepping into the world in a more balanced way. Then when the next healing opportunity is presented we have more tools, and the healing journey gets a wee bit easier.

Shamanism through ceremony offers us the opportunity to let go of our past history, wounds and stories, and intend our future. Ceremony takes us out of ordinary reality, and into a space of opportunity for healing, where magick can occur.


The use of drums, feathers, rattles, crystals, tuning forks, womb bowls and many other tools, assist the shamanic coach in moving energy in or out of the energy and physical body. Using tools and ceremonies the shamanic coach has a cornacopia of healing opportunities to present to clients. Working with the client to find what resonates with that individual is the goal. The client has free will to choose what they do and do not choose to do, thereby directing their own healing journey and standing in their own circle. The shamanic coach facilitates the healing work, but is not a ‘healer’. It is within each of us to heal ourselves.

Using shamanic techniques, tools and ceremonies, has given me a way to live in the world without the huge amount of baggage that I used to carry. It has helped me walk out of severe addiction, depression and released the huge chip that resided on my shoulder. For each of us our healing journey is unique and so to are the strategies and techniques that work.

There are many different kinds of shamanism and healing methods. I can only speak from personal experience. Find the one(s) that work for you.

Michele Fire-River Heart

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