Everything in the universe vibrates, even if we cannot see it.

The great Physicist of the past, Sir Oliver Lodge said
“A particle cannot quiver or move without disturbing the medium
in which it happens to be.
A boat cannot move from side to side without disturbing the water on which it floats
and a bell cannot vibrate without rippling the air into sound waves.”

So it stands to reason that when our bodies are exposed to sound they as well react.
The healing power of sound has been knowledge humans have used for millennia.
Like many things it was lost or not common in the mainstream of society,
yet who of us does not have a favourite song that makes us happy,
or a song that makes us sad.
Or the ultimate gift that piece of music that is so transcendant
that we are lost in it, and in the moment.
Vibration affects our bodies when we are exposed to it.

Sound healing practitioners of various modalities
have the expertise to apply sound in a way
that nourishes and helps our bodies heal.


TED TALKS 2011 – Cutting edge medicine using ultrasound technology

Michele Fire-River Heart©


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