This form of Tibetan Head Massage is a hybrid:
a tool incorporating various Tibetan massage techniques
that have been developed by practitioners over the centuries.

All are based upon the traditional Tibetan Medical system
of five chakras and three major energy flow lines.

With this practice,
the chakras are represented by the following elements:
Crown Chakra – Space element

Throat Chakra – Water element
Heart Chakra – Earth element
Stomach Chakra – Fire element
Base or Secret Chakra – Wind element

The body’s energy flows through the Masculine Channel (right),
Feminine (left) and the Divine Channel (central).

Good physical, psychic and spiritual health are co-dependent
and require an ease of energy flow through the body.
Over time, our habituated approach to life often results in energy blocks,
imbalances, channel knots and stagnation of energy flow.

We can address these unhealthy tendencies through various practices,
developing an awareness which naturally leads
towards wisdom and compassion.  Health.

We can also practice specific meditations,
usually under the guidance of a teacher,
involving breath control, visualization,
mudra (body/hand positions and gestures)
and mantra (chanting).

An external practitioner, such as a Head Massage therapist,
can apply gentle touch to points on the head, face, neck and shoulders,
and assist in the clearing of blockages of the
channels and imbalances of the chakras.

The technique, involving more than simple touch, requires the practitioner
to truly dedicate their full awareness and intention
to releasing tension – the source of much ill health.
Points on the head can provide access to most areas of the body.

The massage takes an hour and a half, requires only a chair
in a comfortable environment and is extraordinarily relaxing.

It is not a cure for specific diseases, but more an offering:
a reminder of the possibilities of mindful release.