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Michele Fire-River Heart, Shamanism



~ 9 weeks
~ 8 ceremonies (Location of your choosing)
~ 10 One hour video coaching sessions with me
~ Email support

An opportunity to let go of the pain and patterns from a past relationship.
Using the tool of healing ceremonies and techniques

Are You …….

stuck in the past
afraid of being hurt again
afraid of repeating your pattern of this type of relationship and/or partner.
experiencing drama when you engage with your ex. (children more often than not keep us tied to each other for awhile)
seeing only the bad parts of your past relationship
seeing your last partner as the enemy
able to look forward to a new relationship

~ Energy Healing
~ Rites of Passage Ceremonies

~ Shamanic services
~~~~~ Healing Ceremonies
~~~~~ Physical Healing
~~~~~ Teachings
~~~~~ Shamanic Techniques
~~~~~ Animal Totems
~~~~~ Trance Drum Journeys
~~~~~ Spiritual Resolution (Psychopomp, Soul Retrieval)

~ End of Life Ceremonies for Sacred Animals & Sacred Humans
~~~~~ Funerals
~~~~~ Grieving Ceremonies

~ Sacred Tools to purchase

Going through life we have experiences, where in order to survive them we go against our naturalness, consciously or unconsciously. This creates ‘baggage’, which if not dealt with, can manifest in detrimental behaviours and physical sickness. Once healed from these negative life experiences, we are more ‘at choice’ in our lives. Healing manifests in happier, healthier lives, with a toolbox of strategies and methodologies to use when we come up against our next challenging moment, or opportunity to heal.

Let’s start a conversation….. I look forward to hearing from you

Michele Fire-River Heart, Medicine Woman
Certified Shamanic Coach


Galago Healing’s services are available at

Listen to Michele Fire-River Heart talk about what Shamanic Coaching is, it’s impact and use on our healing journey.

~ Spoken word pieces on shamanism

~ Podcast on Shamanism

~ Listen to Michele’s interview on The Science of Magic radio show with Gwilda Wiyaka Episode 125 on YouTube

~ TED TALKS 2011 – Cutting edge medicine using ultrasound technology



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