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Evolutionary Astrology with Tsiporah

Astrology literally means “the science of the stars”. “As above, so below” is an ancient axiom suggesting that planetary movements influence moments in time. Since humans are part of the solar system, our moment of birth has meaning.

Through observation of a birthchart, we gain valuable insights into gifts we have to offer the world, as well as challenges to resolve.

Evolutionary Astrology looks at the birth-chart from a soul perspective, with the aim of determining the “karmic evolutionary dynamics” of a chart. We observe where we are coming from, and what direction helps us grow. It is a deeply introspective look into the nature of our desires, revealing both our strengths and our shadow.

Evolutionary Astrology is for those who desire to explore the map of their own consciousness using a powerful and insightful analytic tool. Be ready to delve into the psyche’s dark places in order to release what is holding us back.

My personal journey

I have been studying astrology since 1974. I experienced a grateful ‘aha’ moment in 1997 upon reading Jeffrey Wolf Green’s groundbreaking book, Pluto, The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. Finally I resonated with a method of synthesizing the symbols in a birth chart.

Through steady observation of my family’s charts – my partner, our four children, and myself – I gleaned an understanding of the inner workings of each of us. In difficult times, I noted the accuracy of astrological transits and progressions – how we are given certain times to learn certain lessons – and to know that “this too shall pass”.

I continue my astrological studies, always with the view of discovering how each of us can become effective agents in the evolution of consciousness.

Contact Tsiporah at tsiporah@telus.net or 250-247-8350

Tsiporah Grignon

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